martes, 5 de enero de 2016

Oracle ICS Update - On premise Agent now Available

Hello appreciated readers, here's hoping to a fun and successful 2016 for you all!!

And for us Oracle FMW practitioners, there are some very exciting news to begin the year:

Yours truly has been following for a while the development and growth of Oracle's iPaaS platform: "Integration Cloud Service". And it's been a long wait, but at long last the ultra hyped On-Premise Agent has been released and is now available for all ICS subscriptions.

There are some other cool and useful new features in this release (e.g. content based routing, new adapters, etc.), which we will surely discuss during the next few weeks in a different post. However, in our humble opinion the Agent is a transcendent piece of the puzzle, which will open up a whole new set of use cases and possibilities for the implementation of cloud-driven integrations with ICS.

So, what does this mean?, let's look at it graphically:

Oracle ICS was an already powerful yet simple to implement tool, suited perfectly for Cloud to Cloud Integrations but somehow limited in its potential to participate in hybrid solutions (those which also include on-prem interaction).

The obvious problem here is that we know Hybrid Architectures are still predominant among organizations in the midst of a cloud adoption strategy.

And that's why the Agent is a real game-changer:

As it will allow not only direct integration with on premises Apps through ready made adapters, but also the potential of allowing seamless interaction between existing SOA Suite implementations and cloud based solutions, for example:

In the image above we see a highly complex hybrid solution, where ICS is positioned as the cornerstone for integration purposes. A very plausible scenario and definitely an interesting and disruptive paradigm shift.

So that's it for this first post of the year; but we will make sure to take a deep dive into this new technology and deliver a detailed how-to for our loyal readers.

For more information on this topic go to Oracle Technology Blogs:

Until the next time!!

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