martes, 10 de octubre de 2017

ODC Appreciation Day : Deploying a Project to OACCS from Oracle DevCS

Hello dear friends from the Oracle Developer Community. Today is ODC Appreciation Day 2017 and so I'm gonna share this little piece about one of my favourite product features: deploying applications to OACCS from Oracle DevCS 

This is actually a very simple capability, which I got to test again as recently as last week during OOW2017. But as trivial as it may seem, the fact that it's works seamlessly speaks volumes about the integrated nature and efficiency of Oracle's Cloud Development Platform.

So, if your Cloud services are correctly configured, it is as easy as to create a deployment profile for any of your applications and selecting "Application Container Cloud" as your deployment target:

Then the next time your deployment job runs, the selected build will be automatically deployed to OACCS according to the profile you configured.

It's Cloud + DevOps at its best, making life easier for both Developers & Administrators.

Well, this was quite a short post but enough to say #ThanksODC while highlighting a cool product feature.

Thanks for reading!!

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