miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Some Thoughts on OUGN Spring Seminar 2017

This was my second year aboard the Color Line ferry for the OUGN Spring Seminar. Happily, it was also the conference's 10th year anniversary, so all the speakers and attendees were in for a special treat this time around.

I must say that in my opinion this is one of the most special Oracle conferences out there, obviously due of the venue, but also because of the consistently excellent technical level of both presenters and attendees, which together with the intimate setting always end up producing excellent discussions, passionate conversations and a very high quality learning experience overall.

I was selected to deliver two presentations at this event: DevOps for Oracle FMW with the orawls modules & Advanced Cloud Design Patterns, and it was a blast to do it alongside my good friends Ronald and Simon respectively.

My company, Sysco, had as always a huge presence at the event, being one of the main sponsors, bringing a lot of people in and providing several speakers for many of the tracks.

This edition's big takeaway for me was the presence of a brilliant and highly-driven crop of young multi-national speakers, most of them presenting at OUGN for the first time. This guys and girls, coming from such distinct places as Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Holland, Norway, Croatia, Spain, etc.,  (and many of them travelling with own funds), are bringing a lot of excitement and value into the Oracle Community with fresh topics and disruptive ideas about the newest technological developments and trends. They are also quickly becoming household names, which means that people are actually signing up to conferences to hear what they have to say. So hopefully we'll see many faces from this new generation joining the ACED ranks in the near future.

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