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Some random thoughts on OOW17

Oracle Open World 2017 has come and gone already, but it left behind some really interesting points worth revisiting.

The conference spans so much, but I want to focus mainly on the topics related to my own expertise (Integration, Java, Application Development). So let's cut to the chase and take a look at the highlights:

  • Focus is on Developers - the Java & Open Source movements seem stronger than ever, with JavaOne recovering a leading role this year and OracleCode summoning enthusiastic crowds on its first appearance at Open World. Also, Oracle has visibly placed a lot of importance on programs such as the Developer Community space, Developer Champion award, etc.
  • Oracle PaaS has finally broken through - with increased maturity in most of the services, plenty of customer success stories and some nice improvements to the licensing model, PaaS adoption has become increasingly viable. This is an especially important moment for integration-focused partners, as in my opinion those who are able to better cope with the paradigm shift will be able to take full advantage of the growing market.
  • Modern Architectures are at the Center of Innovation - Hybrid, Distributed, Serverless, Reactive, API-Driven are all architectural qualities associated with innovative systems and solutions. I attended a good number of excellent sessions on these kind of topics, whereas concepts such as SOA, BPM,  etc. have gone from being household names in years past to practically disappearing from the conference's agenda (this doesn't mean that such technologies can be pronounced dead already, but they definitely have ceased to be pillars of a so called "modern architecture"). I was also glad to see some of my peers incorporating OMESA (http://omesa.io) into their presentations; I still think this open project has lots of potential, but we definitely need to go back to the drawing table and grow it with these recent trends in mind.
  • Embracing New Technologies is Cool - This year we had lots of sessions and quite some chatter about diverse tools and technologies such as Blockchain, Chatbots, Cloud-Native Microservices, Kubernetes, Kafka, Spark, just to name a few. Although we might not want to go jumping into every bandwagon, it's always interesting to consider and learn new things. Thus, I'm glad Oracle's encouraging it by providing a forum in this kind of event.

So,  Oracle has delivered as always one of the most relevant, memorable & eventful conferences of the year. This is definitely an interesting time to be a software engineer

Thanks for reading!

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